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Sherry Bridal Couture is inspired by every bride looking special on her wedding day, and the best way is by wearing a Couture dress, one off, specially made and suited to her personality.

Sherry has been in the bridal industry since 2002. She has the eye for slick feminine curve, and combine with meticulous pattern-making and detailed embellishments, she feels at home in Bridal Fashion.

Sherry designs dresses that are Sophisticated, elegant, luxurious, sexy and feminine. She loves clean and simple silhouettes, because they are timeless and always beautiful. With a little touch of something precious like delicate beadwork or other appliqué, the dress will make you look like a million dollar bride.

“Being in the industry and owning a business, lets me indulge in fabrics and see them firsthand. Beautiful lace patterns, motifs and embroideries inspire the creations. Making a new sample is always exciting and challenging, because I’m always thriving to create new designs that are fresh, interesting and show people my identity as a designer”.

Sherry Bridal Couture offers personalised design for every bride,
embracing their curve and best assets, encouraging them
to try on different silhouettes and necklines,
see different fabrics, trimmings, and come up
with an individual design. Overall, the design
process is a collaboration between the designer
and the bride to be.

The process of creating the design is like weaving
magic. Sherry and her team of experience couturiers
put a lot of love and effort to each garment.
Every time a bride comes for fitting, there’s always
something new to look forward to. It is truly a special
moment, leading up to when she picks up the dress
and wearing it on ‘the day’. Sherry wants to make
this process enjoyable and memorable. Her goal is
to make every bride who walks in her door,
the happiest bride ever.


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